» Old Man In Queens Hangs Up Porn In His Windows To Bother His Immigrant Neighbors Barstool Sports: New York City
You’ve only got one choice when you got an old racist man from Queens trying to drive you out of town with porno pictures. You fight fire with fire. Porno with Porno.
» Woman Commits Suicide By Crocodile Barstool Sports: New York City
MUANG SAMUTPRAKARN, Thailand - A woman in Thailand decided to end her life in a horrible, public way, by jumping into a crocodile enclosure. Police say the 65-year-old woman's family told them she had seemed depressed. But they didn't expect her to walk into the reptile farm remove her shoes and jump into the pit filled with several hundred crocs
Man set woman's pussy on fire, police say
A Pennsylvania man has been charged with lighting a woman's pussy on fire, police say. According to the Lancaster Intelligence-Journal, Donald Dale Hackman Jr.
Christen Moore Apologizes For Tossing Drug-filled Football Into Prison
JACKSON, Mich. (AP) — A Michigan man is apologizing for trying to throw a football loaded with drugs and cellphones into a state prison yard.

Christen D. Moore on Wednesday called the June attempt "a thoughtless and immature decision.&quo...