7 Things You Didn’t Know about Your Handshake
You probably shake at least a couple hands a day, but did you ever wonder what really goes into a simple “put ‘er there”? Surprisingly, plenty of researchers have. Most recently, a group of Israeli scientists used hidden cameras to discover that men were more likely to sniff their right hands within 60 seconds of shaking with anothere guy.
Bird flu may take bite out of Thanksgiving's turkey supply
The largest-ever U.S. outbreak of avian influenza, which has devastated Midwestern poultry and egg producers in recent weeks, could be felt at Thanksgiving tables across the nation come November, farmers and some trade groups say.
Did Manny Pacquiao beat Floyd Mayweather? Conspiracy - Mirror Online
Mayweather stretched his unbeaten record in Las Vegas but the scorecard shows the judges awarded victory to the fighter in the red corner - which was Pacquiao
Wedding crashers 'throw bride to floor and wave their penises about' | Metro News
'They were like animals possessed. I thought someone was going to die.'
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