Apparently, men are snapping up these crochet shorts for summer and we don't know how to feel | Metro News
While women can feel the breeze in flippy mini-skirts and vest tops, men of the UK usually have to suffer through summer heatwaves in stifling shirts and trousers. Until now....
AC/DC finally join Spotify – and one song is streamed 100,000 times | Metro News
If you'd predicted this even a year ago, you'd have been Shot Down in Flames, but today, the world has been Thunderstruck as AC/DC joined Spotify. It's live NOW, if...
well at least he removed him self from the gen pool
The event was brought to our attention by an eyewitness, who provided additional details (withheld for privacy reasons) to confirm it.
"Being part of emergency services, firemen are called upon to get people out of unlikely situations. We were summoned to the A&E Department of a central London hospital to assist in removing a "thing ring." With our ring cutters at the ready, we were presented with the patient, his 'meat and two veg' extremely swollen and such a dark purple that they were almost blackened. The whole sorry mess was encircled by a thick titanium ring. Normally the procedure to
Adidas Created A Shoe That Is Literally Made Out Of Trash
Recycled ocean trash sneakers might be the new Air Jordans.

German apparel giant Adidas has created a prototype for a sustainable new shoe made almost entirely from recycled garbage pulled from th